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Debtbuster Loans offers consolidation loans to the UK market and has helped over 300,000 homeowners start afresh since 1988.


• Create a new TV advertisement – from script through to production
• Outperform the current TV advertisement (unbeaten for four years)

What we did

We researched how customers felt after they consolidated with Debtbuster Loans. The word that came up time and time again was “relief”.


The final script followed a simple DRTV problem/solution scenario. Rather than facts, the TVC focused on how people felt after getting their loan, i.e. The benefits of consolidating their outstanding debt. Our creative was tested against the control on a 50/50 split.


Our advertising drew a better response against the control than the six other agency attempts.


“Mad Co has a lot of consumer finance creative knowledge. In all my years of using other external creative teams I never found one as good – and I have used all shapes and sizes. Mad Co is the Group’s preferred supplier – they understand us better than any other external agency and that is worth a lot.”


Andy Turner
Chairman and founder
Central Trust Group of Companies

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