JT #SaidNoOneEver Viral

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When JT needed their teaser campaign to go viral Mad Co were on hand. Due the nature of the teaser campaign Mad Co only had 24 hours notice to concept the viral, execute and deploy the campaign.




• To create further awareness of the #SaidNoOneEver hash tag
• To engage with a mobile audience and sow the seed of the teaser
• Create noise and discussion surrounding the campaign
• To go viral within the Channel Islands target audience


What we did


To create an immediate local viral impact for the campaign we knew that we had to engage with people whose own social media presence would give us an immediate boost. In addition to this, the campaign had to entertain in order to create further reach and intrigue, so we headed to the open mic night at  The Cock & Bull to spontaneously work with some well known local artists from the music scene.


On finding a suitable location within the pub, we shared out the varied campaign slogans amongst our collective of artist and gave them free rein. Once completed it was back to the studio to compile the viral videos and schedule them for deployment across multiple Facebook pages.




The campaign was a great success and sat perfectly alongside the teaser campaigns that were run out in the Guernsey Press. Public engagement was excellent and the phrase #SaidNoOneEver was soon being applied to a whole host of different meanings prior to the unveiling of the campaign two days later.


Mad Co pride ourselves on being a Guernsey based advertising agency that can deliver alternative marketing solutions.

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