La Baguette Trade Boost Campaign

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A thriving food outlet Mad Co called upon Mad CO to boost trade and increase loyalty amongst its customers in a highly competitive field.


•     To build further awareness of La Baguette and all that it has to offer
•     Develop new offers to create destination clientele
•     Create brand loyalty amongst existing customers
•     Increase trade between the hours of 7am – 2pm
•     Create a brand to stand above competitors
•     Roll out multimedia campaign that delivers ROI

What we did

Mad Co evaluated the aims a looked to large multinational food outlets and other successful local loyalty initiatives for inspiration. We concluded that there were three key factors that would deliver the desired results:


1) Re-brand – A Slick brand was produced to reflect the quality of product produced at La Baguette


2) The Real Deal – A meal deal initiative was introduced with the creative pull of “The Real Deal”


3) Brand Loyalty – Who said there is no such thing as a “FREE Lunch”? Mad Co introduced Guernseys first baguette loyalty scheme.


Using the new brand elements Mad Co created the following media to roll out the campaign to great success:


1) Radio Advert  – A high end radio advert was produced for island FM


2) Press Advertising – Strategically placed press adverts


3) Facebook Page – An informative and engaging Facebook page was created


4) POS – Informative and engaging POS material placed into the store


5) B2B – Continued work on a B2B loyalty initiatives are ongoing


The result

Increased loyalty amongst both existing and new clientele. La Baguette handed out over 1,500 Loyalty cards in the first 7 days of launching the initiative.


The “Real Deal” continues to be a thriving success and has created a good level of customer satisfaction.


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